The safe operation of drones is as important for private drone pilots as it is for professional drone pilots: Just like driving a car, practice and knowledge of the applicable rules contributes to safety. Commercial pilots also need a so-called attestation of competence in order to obtain a take-off authorisation for their flight missions. The SPECTAIR ACADEMY provides the relevant theoretical and practical instruction concerning drones to beginners, advanced learners and professional pilots. Experienced flight instructors teach the students at SPECTAIR ACADEMY how to fly safely in the company’s own hangar and on the outside grounds. The trainers take into account the student’s individual aeronautical skills during all exercises. All training courses culminate in an examination, whose results are confirmed with a certificate. Commercial drone pilots can use this attestation of competence to obtain their take-off authorisations.

Fernsteruerung einer Drohne in den Händen einer Flugschülerin der SPECTAIR ACADEMY

Pilot training PP-UAV


The pilot training PP-UAV is the training for all private drone pilots. An introduction to the theoretical knowledge surrounding the safe flying with drones is followed by practical flight training with experienced flight instructors on the training grounds at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY.

Fernsteruerung einer Drohne in den Händen eines Flugschülers der SPECTAIR ACADEMY

Pilot Training CP-UAS


The pilot training CP-UAS is the training for all commercial drone pilots. In an intensive theoretical course, the trainee pilots are introduced to the competent use of drones. The prospective professionals then learn how to safely control the drones even during demanding situations.

Industrieinspektion an einem Stahlträger durch eine Inspektionsdrohne von SPECTAIR

Advanced training courses


Advanced training courses are aimed at graduates from the training course CP-UAS or pilots who have already have experience with the commercial use of drones. The training courses deal with a certain area of application in each case – for example, the inspection of wind energy installations.