(Commercial Pilot - Unmanned Aerial System)

The commercial utilisation of drones is booming. Unmanned aerial systems are used in a growing number of areas, not only for film and media production, but also in technical applications. However, the statutory controls for the professional use of drones will be tightened in terms of perspective. Take-off authorisations are not often granted without the so-called attestation of competence for drone pilots, which serves as proof that pilots can use the drones in a safe and competent manner. Greater demands are being placed on commercial pilots than ever before.


In order to provide commercial drone pilots with optimal training for their professional tasks, SPECTAIR ACADEMY trains pilots in accordance with the CP-UAS training concept of Caballero & Hesselbarth Consulting, accredited by the German BUVUS (federal association for unmanned systems). The experts of SPECTAIR ACADEMY train drone pilots according to high quality standards and the current statutory regulations of the commercial operation of drones. In accomplishing the course, pilots gain access to a personal certification by TÜV Rheinland PersCert.


In an elaborate, four day traing course, the skilled and experienced pilots of SPECTAIR ACADEMY train both theory and practice for a save commercial use of drones. The concept of the training course CP-UAS is to acquire a sound theoretical basis on which the practical training is based. Under guidance by professional pilots and trainers, the students learn the legal and technical framework.


The content of this course is coordinated with the German aviation authorities and aligns with these six topics with the highest demands in the field of unmanned aviation:


  • Technique
  • Meteorology
  • Airspace
  • Aviation law
  • Management
  • Practical application


Practical training is another important part of the pilot course. Here the student profits from the sound experience of the flight instructors, who not only impart the relevant knowledge, but also proven techniques and procedures. After finalizing the training, the student can do the theoretical and practical exam with the personal certification of TÜV Rheinland to receive the certificate.


The idea behind the multi-day phase concept with at SPECTAIR ACADEMY is based on demand for high-quality education and a contribution to air traffic safety. Professional flying with drones is a complex matter both in theory and practice, which cannot be learned on a single day. Similar to the process of obtaining a driving licence, longer practical phases are indispensable for obtaining the necessary confidence and routine in handling the technology, the sequences and the general conditions.

Flugschüler der SPECTAIR ACADEMY mit Drohne in der Flughalle



  • What is the basic concept of the aerial system, the flight controller and the sensors?
  • How does the device work?



  • Which weather influences do exist and need to be taken into account?
  • What influence do they have on the device and the pilot?
  • How can the pilot get information?


  • Which airspaces exist, which regulations apply?
  • How can the pilot get information and which clearance is required?


Aviation law

  • What is the legal basis for aerial operations?
  • What does the pilot need to take into account?


  • How does the pilot self-organize?
  • Which routines apply before, during and after flight?
  • What procedures apply in cases of emergency?


Practical application

  • How can the aircraft be operated?
  • What aspects have to be taken into account?
  • What checks have to be applied?