(Private Pilot - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

The flying of drones has become a popular hobby in the private sector. Fun and relaxation are top priorities here. Nevertheless, a sound education should never be neglected, as even private pilots partake in air traffic and are bound by the relevant laws and provisions. SPECTAIR ACADEMY has developed the drone pilot training just for them.


In a compact course lasting one day, the flight instructors at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY provide theoretical and practical instruction to the private drone pilots for the safe private use of unmanned aircraft. The trainee pilots learn the statutory and technical general conditions together with a professional pilot and trainer. This provides a basis for safety. However, practical experience is also an important part of the training. Here, the drone trainee pilots benefit from the extensive experience of the pilots at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY, who pass on not only the basics, but also a trick or two from practical experience to their students.




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    Drohne und Pilot der SPECTAIR ACADEMY in der Flughalle


    As a theoretical base, the trainee pilots receive a brief overview of the most important general conditions:


    • Air traffic law and authorisations
    • Structure and function of the aircraft and its components
    • Flight physics
    • UAV technology
    • Meteorology
    • General and specific rules of flight
    • Safety briefing and flight checks

    Practical experience

    During the practical part of the course, private drone pilots receive a good introduction in dealing with flying robots in a 1:1 instruction. Here, it does not matter if the pilot already has experience or is just starting to learn how to fly the drones:


    • Navigating the aircraft
    • Accident prevention
    • Flight training: Navigating in space/Approaching positions
    • Flight training: Starting and landing
    • Flight training: Manoeuvring in flight
    • Flight training outdoors: Applying what has been learnt to flying in open spaces
    • Exam


    The one-day course ends with a short theoretical and practical exam. Here, the graduates demonstrate that they have acquired the basics on flying the drones, and that they know how to essentially control the drone. SPECTAIR ACADEMY issues participants with a confirmation of participation in the course to certify their accomplishment.