SPECTAIR: Services with drones

SPECTAIR is the full service partner for services with drones. SPECTAIR offers professional aerial photographs with innovative sensor technology in the areas of inspection, mapping and surveying, vegetation and environmental monitoring, as well as film and photo production from a single source. With highly trained drone pilots, its own flight school and experts in each area of application, SPECTAIR is the industry leader.


SPECTAIR is among the pioneers in the flying robot industry. SPECTAIR has been supporting customers from the project planning phase to the professional control of drones and the editing the raw data from aerial photographs since 2012.

Due to the high demands on safety, reliability and professionalism, the drone services set SPECTAIR apart from the competition. The company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified since March 2014 and thus demonstrably fulfils the high safety and quality standards.


As part of the SPECTAIR GROUP, the company benefits from the combined skills and advancement in knowledge in the fields of drone services, drone training courses, research & development and the manufacture of flying robots.

SPECTAIR’s vision is to become the leading supplier of drone services throughout the world with an international pilot network. Another focus is on the training of qualified drone pilots at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY. The training concept at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY is already setting standards for a further professionalization of commercial use and the planned introduction of the so-called drone licence. Together with strong cooperation partners, SPECTAIR is aspiring to become a market leader in the training of commercial drone pilots.


SPECTAIR ACADEMY: The flight school for drone pilots

The company trains commercial and private drone pilots according to high-quality standards at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY. Graduates are well-prepared for the announced drone licence with their training at the SPECTAIR ACADEMY. During the theoretical courses, experienced flight instructors provide the necessary legal and technical knowledge on operating the flying robots where there is always a connection with practical experience. The trainee pilots then learn how to control drones properly and safely during hours of practical training. The SPECTAIR ACADEMY is aimed at both beginners and advanced pilots who want to improve their aeronautical skills and expand their knowledge of unmanned aircraft. The course CP-UAS provides professional education for commercial drone pilots. The course PP-UAV provides training for private drone pilots.


The concept of SPECTAIR ACADEMY is based on the known statutory requirements for drone pilots and trains the trainee pilots accordingly. With the certificate from the SPECTAIR ACADEMY, successful graduates are able to obtain take-off permits more easily and are perfectly prepared for the announcement by Transport Minister Dobrindt concerning the “Drone licence”. The pilot training takes place in classrooms at the corporate location Meerbusch (Dusseldorf), as well as in the company’s own hangar and on the outside grounds of the SPECTAIR ACADEMY.


SPECTAIR MEDIA: Image films and other film projects

SPECTAIR MEDIA develops, makes and produces image films for small and medium-sized businesses. The customer’s wishes are the focus here. The masterminds at SPECTAIR MEDIA create film concepts and fully engage in film projects: From writing the screenplay to filming and producing the movie. This involves both aerial photographs from our professional drone pilots as well as other images. Of particular importance here is: The film professionals from SPECTAIR MEDIA provide you with personal and individual advice. The extensive range of film equipment, professional equipment and good ideas enables the team at SPECTAIR MEDIA to develop the optimal image film. Hotels, industrial companies and car manufacturers are among the customers for whom SPECTAIR MEDIA has already produced image films.