Customised Solutions

SPECTAIR offers customised solutions for customers and partners above and beyond the applications displayed here. The team at SPECTAIR develops concepts for new applications in a young industry in which all the technological possibilities for the professional use of civilian drones have still not been exhausted. With several years of experience in professional drone services, SPECTAIR is able to check extraordinary and innovative areas of application for feasibility and conduct tests together with customers and partners.

Customised solutions for challenging applications


Often SPECTAIR receives enquiries for which there is still no patent remedy today. Drones have many possible applications and potential customers or partners often have new ideas for applications, which may be feasible in theory but need new approaches, comprehensive concepts and testing in practice.


SPECTAIR checks enquiries closely and assists customers in clarifying the general conditions for each envisaged project. From technical feasibility, to legal basics and practicality, the experts at SPECTAIR check whether an idea has a future. The engineers conduct extensive tests. If these are successful, SPECTAIR offers to assume responsibility for project management, the aerial survey by professional drone pilots and the evaluations.

Optimal continuing consultation through the corporate network

With the network of partner companies such as HEIGHT TECH and FLAIRICS, SPECTAIR is not only able not to develop solutions for each application, but to commission the development or further development of a suitable flight system. Customers benefit from the experience and synergies of the companies which offer solutions for new applications from a single source.


Customised solutions include, for example:


  • Solutions for the transportation of fragile goods on factory premises via drones
  • Solutions for indoor aerial surveys
  • Stand-by duty for the fire brigade, including images in the control centre

Services: customised solutions


SPECTAIR is open to testing new areas of application and checks whether an application is can be realised according to professional standards. All employees attach particular importance to ensuring quality and safety for the applications according to the company’s demand. A technically sound and careful analysis is a matter of course for the specialists in the various areas of application.


Get in touch with us if your require a customised solution. The experienced experts provide you with detailed advice about specific applications for the use of drones and prepare tailor-made concepts.

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