Vorschaubild zum Produktvideo "Mobile Laserhärtung" der Eifeler Lasertechnik. Eine Produktion von SPECTAIR MEDIA.

„Eifeler goes mobile“ – product film for Eifeler Lasertechnik

Project: Development of a product film for Eifeler Lasertechnik including revision of the storyboard and adaptation of the text, selection and engagement of a professional voice-over artist, post-production

The task: The advantages of mobile laser technology in two minutes 

What is a mobile laser processing station able to do? And which benefit does the technology offer? SPECTAIR MEDIA was assigned to turn this into a product film this February. For the company Eifeler Lasertechnik SPECTAIR MEDIA developed a product film, which shows the  precise processing of steel components with the procedure of mobile laser hardening in aesthetic pictures and at the same time elaborates the advantages of the technology.

The shooting: Focus on precision engineering 

Starting with a short planning phase and without having seen the shooting location before, the team headed to Ettlingen in Baden-Württemberg to gain insight into the procedure of mobile laser beam hardening and film the process for one day. When shooting with a RED EPIC Dragon, the focus was put on attractive details of the laser hardening machine and the hardening process itself. The human protagonist of the film is an engineer who operates the laser processing station and is shown in scenic shots during his concentrated work.

The mission: Get customers excited about the product 

The film is used for customer presentations and sales meetings to illustrate the advantages of mobile laser beam hardening and to get customers excited about the product. Since Eifeler Lasertechnik operates internationally, an English voice-over was added. The text was recorded by a professional voice-over artist in a recording studio.