Käfigdrohne ELIOS bei der Erkundung einer Gletscherspalte

Inspection of indoor places: SPECTAIR uses ELIOS drone

SPECTAIR from now on utilizes the ELIOS drone developed by the Swiss manufacturer Flyability specifically for inspections of interior spaces. With the aid of ELIOS, parts of industrial plants and structures which are hard to reach can be inspected in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner as well as more safely.

Compared to conventional procedures for interior inspections the ELIOS drone offers numerous advantages: hazardous work for doing inspections at great heights or in narrow spaces is avoided by using the indoor drone ELIOS. This leads to a reduction of the risk of industrial accidents especially in difficult inspections.

ELIOS can also be used without any risk during industrial plant operation. The highly efficient, time-saving use of the ELIOS drone avoids downtime during inspections of boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, tunnels and other complex environments and reduces inspection costs.

The flying robot, patented by Flyability, offers high-resolution full HD imagery, which is directly transmitted to a tablet. At the same time, the FLIR thermal imaging camera, which is integrated into the flight system creates infrared images. Equipped with a balancing image stabilizer and powerful LED lighting, inspections are easy to perform at any inclination angle and in the dark.

You can find out more about the application areas and advantages of ELIOS at spectair.com/en/elios.

SPECTAIR is an official inspection partner of Flyability and has presented the partnership at the exhibition CeBIT to a larger audience for the first time.