App der Deutsche Flugsicherung für Drohnenpiloten

New app for UAV pilots

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH has launched an application which is designed to make UAV flights safer

While preparing for a “take off” with a drone, there is much to consider both for private and commercial pilots. To ensure that all legal requirements are clarified when flying, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), in cooperation with a Dutch application developer, has launched a drone app for the pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles.

By means of an interactive map and a GPS localization, the app aims to provide information about the areas in which they can legally and safely fly their UAVs, and where prohibitions or restrictions exist. According to the regulations of the current air traffic act, users are informed of whether they are located in an area in which flying is not permitted or restricted. No fly zones can be e.g. over and around airports, hospitals, industrial areas or motorways.

The Hamburg startup Flynex e.g. offers a similar overview map for drone pilots without GPS positioning. In contrast to the DFS drone app, no user registration is required. Both applications are user-oriented tools which simplify drone flying. However, the applications of course do not replace the duty of drone pilots to inform themselves about legal regulations as well as they do not substitute practical flight trainings. However, they can be seen as a helpful add-on for UAV pilots.