Fluglehrer SPECTAIR ACADEMY Übungscopter

SPECTAIR ACADEMY: Individual training for professional and private pilots operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

In two different programs, the SPECTAIR ACADEMY is offering flight training for professional and private individuals operating aerial robots. Both courses combine theory with practical flight training under the guidance of experienced pilots. To sign up for the courses, you can go directly to the training program CP-UAS for commercial pilots and to the training program PP-UAV for private pilots.

Operating UAVs goes beyond the skillset of knowing how to handle the aircraft, but also requires increased technical and regulatory knowledge. Today, authorities no longer grant flight permits for aerial robots without the proof for safe and competent operation. For pilots, who use UAV aircrafts in commercial settings, an in-depth understanding of the legal framework becomes indispensable. But private operators also need to stay well informed, as there are risks of endangering citizens and fines for interfering with air traffic.

For all pilots who want to learn or upgrade their learning, the SPECTAIR ACADEMY has developed new training programs. Whether at beginners, advanced or professional level, all programs can be customized as needed.

In the theoretical segment of the course, the participants learn about the design, functionality and technology of the aircraft. Also, there are sessions on meteorology, aviation law and regulatory approval. Further, the students learn how to perform flight checks, hazard assessment and emergency manoeuvres. During the practical session, experienced flight trainers are supervising the trainees. The students go through multiple flight manoeuvres in different training sessions, and also practise how to respond to hazardous situations and technical failure.

In the hangar of the SPECTAIR ACADEMY participants have the opportunity to start their training indoors. After mastering this, outdoor flights are practised right at Areal Böhler, where SPECTAIR’s domicile is located.

The training program PP-UAV (Private Pilot – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is aimed at private individuals, while the training program CP-UAS (Commercial Pilot – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is designed for professional UAV pilots.

Find out more about the programs, timetable, training content and prices here.

Private Pilot Training Course (PP-UAV)