Collage vom Tourtag der Tour de France in Meerbusch mit dem Stand der Firma Spectair

SPECTAIR GROUP at the TourTag in Meerbusch

Thousands of visitors celebrated the way through of the Tour de France in Meerbusch.

Cycling fans from the entire region followed the second stage of the Tour de France at the Dr.-Franz-Schütz-Platz near the town hall of Meerbusch, on the first weekend of July. Already in the morning, the TourTag in Meerbusch attracted numerous visitors, which could not be distracted from the celebration by the intermittent rain showers.

The SPECTAIR GROUP, one of the four main sponsors of the Tour de France in Meerbusch, presented itself together with the city of Meerbusch, Bucher Reisen, Lindner Hotels and the Böhler area with its own sponsoring lounge. Visitors were able to test their dexterity on a drones flight simulator, experience the dive of the ELIOS drone live in several flight demonstrations, or simply get a conversation with a drink. For the younger guests, there were helium-filled balloons, which were seen throughout the day and along the tour route.

The sponsors of the Tour de France in Meerbusch and the city were very satisfied after the TourTag. “The cheerful humor of the many visitors, the enthusiasm of our guests and the enormous number of visitors have even exceeded our expectations,” says Michael Dahmen, Managing Director of the SPECTAIR GROUP. Mayor Angelika Mielke-Westerlage also drew a positive conclusion: “Even today we can say that the participation was an organizational feat, but definitely a huge gain for the city of Meerbusch.”